Potable Water Systems

VersaFlex has currently earned the highest rated ANSI/NSF 61.5 certified potable water pure polyurea system on the market.

VersaFlex’s AquaVers® Line of Pure Polyurea Systems for Potable Water Application qualified as a Polyurea Interior/Lining Barrier System for Tanks, Vessels, Storage Containers and Pipes that are used for Potable/Drinking Water. The AquaVers product line includes our aromatic system (AquaVers® 405) an aliphatic system (AquaVers® 201) and the aromatic structural system (AquaVers® 415). These polyurea systems qualified with and without the CrobeFlex® anti-microbial additive.  AquaVers® 20 Primer may also be used in conjunction with the coatings and is NSF approved as well.

The VersaFlex AquaVers Polyurea Systems not only qualified to meet the requirements of the standard in cold water use (23° C), but the the AquaVers 201 and Aquavers 405 were also tested and qualified for Potable Water Usage in high temperature applications up to 60 +/- 2° C (140° F). This makes VersaFlex’s AquaVers the only polyurea coating and liner system qualified for potable water application up to this higher temperature limit.

Not only does AquaVers meet a broad range of temperature approvals under NSF/ANSI standards, the VersaFlex coating systems also have a superior rating for minimum vessel (tank) size and no limits on the maximum thickness the coating may be applied. For the AquaVers 201, minimal tank size is 50 gallons; for the Aquavers 405, minimal tank size is 1,000 gallons; and the AquaVers 415 (23° C only), minimal tank size is 5,000 gallons.

This is a very unique advantage to the VersaFlex Potable Water Coating Technology since most other NSF/ANSI 61.5 approved polyurea materials are restricted as to minimum tank size to be lined, as well as maximum thickness the material can be applied.

Since the VersaFlex systems react and set very quickly, a cure point is reached within one hour of installation allowing for Holiday / Spark Testing as per NACE SP0188 testing for voids and pinholes.

AquaVers® Systems

When it comes to high performance protective coatings and linings for potable water contact surfaces, VersaFlex delivers the highest rated ANSI/NSF certified pure polyurea systems to protect consumer safety and facility integrity.