Color Charts

Use the ColorFlex chart as a guide to begin your matching process. VersaFlex advises using actual cured samples to match specific applications/conditions — they are available for free upon request.

ColorFlex Color Charts

Customer Order Form

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Customer Order Form

Drawings and Certifications

Here you will find detail drawings of some of the most commonly encountered construction applications, technical notes outlining various aspects of polyurea installation / maintenance, and specific certificates issued for VersaFlex’s many product lines.

Drawings, Notes, & Certificates

Job Related Forms

These forms are provided as a convenience for our general contractors and subcontractors to help keep track of projects and coating installation applications. Please download the appropriate forms below to use with your project reports.

Job Related Forms


VersaFlex is committed to communicating hazards to customers by aligning with the changes to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard.

Safety and Regulations

Warranty Information

VersaFlex will offer warranties on qualified polyurea joint treatment installations and polyurea spray membrane projects. Warranties are issued on projects where prior notification has been provided to VersaFlex. There are certain items of information that we require for processing the applicable warranties.

Warranty Information


VersaFlex has compiled our Most Frequently Questions about polyureas.


Polyurea Industry Links

Find all the most popular and important coatings, linings and repair industry links.

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