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VersaFlex Polyurea systems are used in a variety of the very same applications that many Spray Foam Contractors are already working in, which makes adding polyurea a no-brainer!

Top 5 reasons to get started in the Polyurea business:

  1. Ability to generate more customers by adding this powerful product line and market base to your business.
  1. Ability to generate additional revenue and higher profit margins.
  1. Many Spray Foam Contractors already have the correct equipment used to spray polyurea, meaning there’s no need to purchase additional equipment.
  1. We will train you! Polyurea University is “Simply the Best Polyurea Training on Earth.”
  1. We will give you access to the best polyurea products, technical support, and help you grow your business.


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Getting Started in Polyurea White PaperAbstract: So you want to be in the polyurea spray elastomer / coating application business? Maybe you already are or have other coating technology application experience.

That’s great! Are you obtaining and using the proper equipment to insure a successful application? Hopefully  so, but there are some issues that most people take for granted that usually end up costing time or money before the project is complete.

This paper will focus on the basic equipment requirements for proper application and processing of this fast cure coatings technology. The auxiliary equipment required; as well as and most importantly, the proper organization and safety will also be addressed to insure you are doing a professional, cost effective job.

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