VersaFlex AquaLok II is a single component, modified silicate solution supplied as a ready-to-use moisture barrier for concrete. AquaLok II is water soluble and non-toxic.AquaLok II reacts with available alkali to form a crystalline structure, densifying concrete at the depth of penetration, reducing vapor and moisture drive, and allowing application of coatings and sealants to on-grade substrates. Freeze/thaw characteristics of concrete will be enhanced when AquaLok IIis used by itself or in combination with polyurea coatings and sealants.

AquaLok II may be used with all VersaFlex rapid curing polyurea sealants and spray coatings systems. It is designed for use in both interior and exterior applications as a penetrating moisture and vapor barrier. AquaLok II may be used down to 35°F.

  • No VOC’s
  • Non Toxic
  • Easy to Apply
  • Virtually Eliminates Vapor Transmission
  • No Odor
VOC %USDA ApprovalToxicityReactivity After CureArtificial WeatheringEfflourescenceWater AbsorptionSuctionCompressive Strength Gain, ConcreteFreeze / ThawFrictionChloride Ion ContentHydrostatic SealMatrix PenetrationPotable Water Safety
0YesNoneNoNoneNoneNoneNone+10 - 30%No Effect0.765 (dry, untreated) - 0.79 (treated, wet)NoneYes100 - 300 mmYes

Abrasion loss: Tested at (1000 g, 1000 revs) *CS-17 / ¹H-18 / †H-22