2.5 Million Gallon Potable Water Storage Tank: AquaVers® 405

MARKET: Potable Water Storage
SYSTEM: AquaVers® 405 Potable Water Coating
PROJECT: 2.5 Million Gallon Potable Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation
OWNER: City of Brownwood, Texas
CONTRACTOR: All Seasons Foam & Coatings, Sanger, Texas

A 2.5 million gallon ground storage potable water tank in Brownwood, TX was in need of rehabilitation due to pinholes in the base plate and a failing existing liner. The specification called for the installation of a new potable water polyurea lining system that meets the requirements of NSF/ANSI 61-5 standards. The project was completed using VersaFlex Incorporated’s AquaVers® 405 by Chad Corbin and his team of All Seasons Foam and Coating in Sanger, TX.

The existing 38,000 square foot tank, which stands at a whopping 60 feet tall and 90 feet in diameter, provided some challenges. The tank had two 3ft diameter access holes and another 3ft access hole on the top, meaning all equipment and supplies would need to be fed into the tank through one of those access ports. It was required that the crew wear full-face fresh air respirators at all times during the coating application inside the water tank.

Scaffolding had to be used during the coating process and had to be fed in through the access holes in

pieces then assembled and reassembled inside the tank as coating work progressed and moved throughout the interior of the tank. Scaffolding had to be built surrounding each support beam and outer wall of the tank.

To further complicate things, the crew faced delays from heavy rains making it difficult to reach the tank with trucks and equipment due to the terrain of the surrounding area.

Once the old lining was removed and the crew was able to start coating with a Graco Reactor H-XP3 with AquaVers® 405 polyurea to a dry film thickness of 80mils. In its entirety, the project took about 2 months to complete.

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  • AquaVers® 405 Potable Water Coating


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