The Cube: Aliphatic Clearcoat & FSS 42D

MARKET: Waterproofing : Wood Substrate
SYSTEM: Aliphatic Clearcoat; FSS 42D Colorfast Aliphatic
PROJECT: Home Addition, Pre-fabricated Plywood Panel Construction
OWNER: Private, Typical Citizen
CONTRACTOR: Fast Set Power Units / Hercules AT

A private home owner in Villach, Austria was looking to expand his home. The problem; he lived in a crowded city center, in a town with strict zoning and historical preservation laws. The solution was to build a pre-fabricated box off site, and then coat it with VersaFlex’s Aliphatic Clearcoat polyurea system, and lift it into place. “The Cube,” as it is commonly referred to, was designed to have a minimal footprint, as space is a priority, and set behind and bellow the roofline of the existing building so as not to change the historical city-scape from the street, and to blend into the exiting color of the roof.

The floor, walls, and roof were constructed of framing timbers and plywood and lifted into place by a crane on the city street. Once in place, the prefabricated panels were secured and attached. The prefabrication of the project minimized disturbance to city life and traffic and allowed for a quick construction time. Once assembled, Hercules and Fast Set Power Units primed the cube with Hertex Pox 008 and sprayed with VersaFlex FSS42D Colorfast Aliphatic using the Gama Evolution G 250 and Master Gun. The FSS42D was chosen for its UV stability, its ability to maintain color and appearance over time, and its ability to create a seamless, durable, waterproofing membrane that will adhere well to the plywood.

The interior floors, including wet areas such as the bathroom, were then coating using Aliphatic Clearcoat. The Aliphatic Clearcoat was chosen for its seamless application, excellent waterproofing abilities, high gloss and attractive finish, and its color and gloss retention abilities.

“The Cube” proved a huge success. It added an additional 150 m2 (1600 ft2) of much needed living space and was truly a pioneer project.

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