Avenor (Weyerhauser Paper Co.): FSS 45DC & PW-1

MARKET: Containment : Tank Linings
SYSTEM: FSS 45DC Elastomeric Polyurea; PW-1 Primer
PROJECT: Containment / Secondary Containment : Tank Linings (4,000 ft²)
OWNER: Weyerhauser Paper Company, Dryden, Ontario, Canada
CONTRACTOR: Restoral Systems, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Randy Zapatowski of Avenor Paper (now Weyerhauser), Dryden, Ontario had learned of a new lining membrane when he was called upon by Barry Miller, Construction Division Manager for Intercity Industrial Supply of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Submission of physical characteristics of the proposed membrane lining system met the requirements of the Buckman Chemicals to be stored in specially designed tanks in the containment cells. The quick turn around appealed to the owner.

At the time of installation in 1998, the polyurea technology was considered to be quite new, and so Avenor’s engineers subjected both cured and newly sprayed samples of VersaFlex’s FSS 45DC to their own rigorous testing for abrasion and chemical resistance.

Installation began in June, by Restoral Systems of Thunder Bay. They had new poured-in-place walls erected to the height required for the containment cells. The old concrete walls and floor areas were patched and cleaned, and were then primed using VersaFlex PW-1 Primer. To finish the coating system, 80 mils (2 mm) of FSS 45DC were sprayed to all the exposed surfaces.

The area was prepared, completely lined and turned back over to the plant’s engineering group for installation of the tanks and their associated plumbing in two days. This installation was the first of many varied applications at Weyerhauser, and has led to further use in the Pulp and Paper Industry — a number of mills around the Canada/US border have found utility in the use of polyurea.

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