Cape Canaveral Air Force Base : FSS 45DC

MARKET: Secondary Containment : Fuel
SYSTEM: FSS 45DC Elastomeric Spray Polyurea
PROJECT: Diesel and JP-8 Fuel Truck Pad Area — 11,000 sq ft
OWNER: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
CONTRACTOR: Weston Solutions, Inc. / F.S.I. Inc., Fort Myers, Florida

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) is the East Coast space launch facility of the US Department of Defense. Located on Cape Canaveral, Brevard County in Florida, it depends on Patrick Air Force Base, home of the 45th Space Wing. CCAFS is adjacent to the John F. Kennedy Space Center. The Fuel Truck Pad area was in need of an improved liner system. The existing concrete pad was experiencing severe cracking and there were concerns about potential spills of fuel seeping into the ground water.  VersaFlex’s FSS 45DC polyurea system was chosen due to excellent performance history in similar application areas, flexibility, toughness for heavy traffic and speed of installation.

The concrete area was pressure washed (LP WC, SSPC-SP 1) using a hot aqueous solution of BioSolve® to remove any contaminants and rinsed. The prepared concrete had a profile of CSP 4 to 5, and would provide for excellent bonding of the applied liner system. The complete area was primed with a proprietary polyurethane primer system for adhesion enhancement and reduction / elimination of outgassing in concrete area. The FSS 45DC polyurea system was then applied at a minimum average thickness of 100 mils (2.5 mm). A 1/4-inch (6.35 mm) saw cut joint was used to assist in termination of the FSS 45DC system around the perimeter area. The area was prepared one day, followed by primer and application of the FSS 45DC system during the next few days. A finish stipple texture was provided to aid in slip resistance.

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