Food Processing Facilites: FSS 45DC Polyurea

MARKET: Water & Wastewater
SYSTEM: FSS 45DC Elastomeric Polyurea, VF 20 Urethane Primer
PROJECT: Wastewater Aeration Basin, Pump Station, Clarifier, RAS/WAS wet well
OWNER: Food Processing Facility
CONTRACTOR: Spectrum Contracting — Grafton, WI

A prominent food processing company and its consulting engineers evaluated several methods to handle their wastewater by-products from their food processing and cannery operations. Their decision was to design and construct a brand new facility that was capable to handle their waste stream but also provide power to the plant through green technologies.

Using bio-gas extraction and generation, the facility was able to prove 10-14 year paybacks on the investment. The total project was estimated at over $14 million. Critical to the wastewater project was a storage lagoon for the liquids.

The job called for a coating system capable of standing up to various chemicals and abrasive materials. The VersaFlex Pure Polyurea System of FSS 45DC was applied at 100 mils to coat and line the wastewater facility’s aeration basin, pump station, clarifier and RAS/WAS wet well. Prior to application of the FSS 45DC Pure Polyurea, the substrates were cleaned and prepped where VF 20 Urethane Primer was applied.

Spectrum Contracting out of Grafton, Wisconson applied the coatings to over 48,000 sq. ft. of the new construction project.

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