Magnesium Corporation Chimney: FSS 45DC Pure Polyurea

MARKET: Waterproofing : Concrete Chimney : Exterior
SYSTEM: FSS 45DC Elastomeric Polyurea, VersaSeal Primer
PROJECT: Spray coating 230 ft vertical chimney
OWNER: Magnesium Corporation of America
CONTRACTOR: System Development Services, Inc. / Pullman Power

Constant exposure to 15% Hydrochloric acid vapor had degraded this 230’ concrete chimney over the past 14 years.  Previous attempts to abate the problem with coal tar modified epoxies had proven difficult and had disfigured the stack beyond acceptable levels. Harry Lane, senior project engineer responsible for this renovation and coating project was looking for a product that would meet a series of strict specifications.  In order to qualify for consideration, a coating product would need to meet the following requirements: good corrosion resistance, compatibility with a primer not affected by continued stack emissions, easy application features, continued flexibility and durability over a long term, and most importantly, rapid curing characteristics, even at cold or freezing temperatures.

After being introduced to VersaFlex Polyurea products in 1995, with several successful installations and prior onsite testing, the Magnesium Corporation engineers specified the VersaFlex FSS-45DC polyurea spray coating and the VersaFlex VersaSeal Primer for use on the 230’ chimney.

Once the stack had been structurally repaired and the surface had been prepared by the G.C., the entire chimney was coated in 7 days.  The crew applied the VersaFlex products using two separate sets of 18’ contour scaffolding, while enduring winds reaching 40 mph.

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