Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority: FSS 45DC

MARKET: Waterproofing : Below Grade
SYSTEM: FSS 45DC Elastomeric Spray Polyurea
PROJECT: Below Grade Mud Slab Waterproofing
OWNER: Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, Boston, MA
CONTRACTOR: Kiewit / P.J. Spillane Company, Inc.

This 10 acre concrete mud slab waterproofing project for the MBTA presented several serious problems.

The first was temperature, since the application was scheduled for October to June, sub-freezing temperatures was a major concern.  In addition, a petrol chemical resistant product was needed to contain any seepage which may occur down through the top concrete slab.  Finally pile caps and various other protrusions presented a real problem for sheet membrane systems.  Trying to detail and weld seams around all the protrusions was too difficult and costly.

VersaFlex’s FSS-45DC 3-second gel time spray polyurea formulation was chosen for the project because it exceeded all the product specifications as set forth by the MBTA.

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