Parking Deck, Sutton Park Condominiums: FSS 45DC

MARKET: Waterproofing : Condominium Parking Structure
SYSTEM: FSS45DC Aromatic Elastomeric Spray Polyurea
PROJECT: Waterproofing & Vehicular Traffic
OWNER: Homeowners Association, Sutton Park, Rochester, New York
CONTRACTOR: Rick Donoghue

Major repairs and coating of this 21,000 S.F. parking deck located in up state N.Y. presented a serious problem for the new property management company, The Cabot Group.

Years of prior neglect had taken its toll on this upper level deck.  Freezing temperatures, water, and road salt had spalled the entire surface area, exposing the aggregate.  In addition, all the control joint caulking had failed and the deck had developed a number of major random cracks. An evaluation report from a local engineering firm suggested immediate repairs, leveling areas where ponding water was a problem, and then installing an elastomeric membrane coating to prevent further moisture migration through the deck surface.

Rick Donoghue, service manager for the Cabot Group had two main problems to overcome.  First, the home owners had previously set a fixed budget for him to work within.  Second, immediate repairs were necessary in order to prevent further deterioration certain to occur during the coming winter months.

From past experience, Mr. Donoghue knew that all conventional coatings would require the parking deck to be tented and heated prior to installation of the coating, which would add significant cost and down time.  In late November of 1996 Rick discovered the VersaFlex Parking Deck System  through one of the local material supply houses in Rochester.  After a thorough investigation of this new polyurea technology, Mr. Donoghue approached the home owners.  The Parking Deck System was subsequently approved and the project started on January 21st 1997.  The main selling features for both the home owners and Rick Donoghue, was the ability to install the product at sub-freezing temperatures, as well as the rapid cure time of the system.

The Parking Deck System coating cures in minutes instead of hours.  The Parking Deck  System was installed with no heat at an average temperature of 19° F.  The product was applied at approximately 75 mills with no aggregate sprayed into the top coat.   A unique process called stippling was used to create a non-skid surface.  Hairline cracks were easily bridged with this flexible membrane, locking out further moisture migration.  The deck was striped and opened to traffic only 18  hours after the final top coat had been applied.

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