Campbell’s Soup Factory : FSS 50DM

MARKET: Floor Coatings : Factory Floor
SYSTEM: FSS 50DM Elastomeric Polyurea Coating
PROJECT: Waterproof Floor Coating : Factory Floor, Campbell’s Soup
OWNER: Campbell’s Soup Ready to Eat Division
CONTRACTOR: Dove Contractors, LLC. – Bossier City, Louisiana

When the world’s leading soup company needed a new durable, water resistant floor, it was a simple choice to select pure polyurea. When making soup for their famous “Ready to Eat” soup line, the final process involves the packaging into the cans. The soup is actually pre-cooked in the factory and immediately packaged. As a result, the soup cans get very hot and require a cooling cycle.

The cooling process is done in a special room called the spiral chiller containment area. Due to the extreme temperature change in this area and high cycle rate, future production shutdowns for normal maintenance were not an option. This is why the world’s leading soup company demanded a flooring system that would stand up to water, liquid collection and scrub/cleaning cycles.

Campbell’s Soup is no stranger to polyurea. Having used it successfully in other facilities they once again chose VersaFlex’s FSS 50 DM in a light gray color for the job. The chiller containment area was approximately 1,600 sq ft. and the FSS 50 DM was used on the floor, curb base and two (2) feet up the walls. The pure polyurea was applied at an average thickness of 120 mils.

According to David Gerald of Dove Contracting, “one of the most challenging parts of the job was that the coating had to be applied over seven (7) day old green concrete. With the help from VersaFlex’s Technical Department, we found a suitable moisture vapor barrier primer, and the job went on without a hitch.”

Once the floor was blasted to the proper profile and cleaned, the special primer was applied with the VersaFlex FSS 50DM applied over the top, creating a seamless, monolithic protective coating for the spiral chiller containment area.

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