Planetary Concrete Mixer : FSS 50DM

MARKET: Protective Coatings : Industrial Equipment
SYSTEM: FSS 50DM Elastomeric Spray Polyurea
PROJECT: Planetary Mixer : Protective Coating
OWNER: North American Equipment Manufacturer
CONTRACTOR: Phat Foam Insulation, LLC. – Lander, Wyoming

In North Dakota, a prominent North American equipment manufacturer needed their planetary concrete mixer re-coated due to excessive corrosion and leaking. A planetary concrete mixer is a vertical axis mixer, most commonly used for precast and prestressed concrete.

Phat Foam Insulation LLC from Lander, Wyoming, was called to the rescue to provide a quick and thorough polyurea protective coating solution. The problem the facility owner was having was due water entering the mixing chamber of the concrete mixer. This was causing the mixer to be inoperable and was beginning to decrease its estimated asset life for the owner. The mixer itself sits above ground and extends up to 25 feet into the air making access to all the necessary areas more difficult. As a result, special scaffolding and access points needed to be created and erected to effectively coat all surfaces of the mixer. A man lift was used to access the underside of the mixer.

Surface preparation involved an SSPC-SP 3 power tool cleaning to clean create an angular profile on the steel (FE 430, USA 529 grade 42, 50) substrate. The entire exterior of the mixer was then coated and protected with VersaFlex FSS 50DM pure polyurea in the company colors to provide an aesthetic and waterproof seal.

Jason Redman, of Phat Foam, explains that the project took about 5 days in total to complete with a three man crew and some production delays. “We used Graco spray equipment to apply the coating to an average of 50 mils. We applied the VersaFlex polyurea thicker in some of the concern areas,” said Redman.

The facility owner is very pleased with the results and Phat Foam Insulation adds yet another fine industrial coating project using VersaFlex polyurea to their portfolio.

About Phat Foam
Phat Foam Insulation LLC is a polyurea/polyurethane spray foam applicator located in Lander, Wyoming. Phat Foam specializes in industrial, commercial and residential projects that protect and insulate assets from moisture, air infiltration and corrosion. Phat Foam Insulation is also a Polyurea University trained applicator.

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