Pond Liner / Water Feature: LS/75 & Quick Mender®

MARKET: Pond Liners & Water Features
SYSTEM: LS/75 : Low Pressure Spray Polyurea; Quick Mender® Primer
PROJECT: Installation of Koi Pond Liner
OWNER: Private, Typical Citizen
CONTRACTOR: Flexacoat, North Carolina

The existing pond was very dirty which required a controlled pressure wash cleaning to remove the contaminants and dirt.

Next, the failed existing liner was removed from the substrate utilizing a cup wire grinding wheel. A diamond grinding disk scored the surface and provided the profile for the new coating. VersaFlex Quick Mender® was applied as a primer mixed with sand to seal the repaired areas.  The finish coat consisted of spraying 125mils of VersaFlex LS/75 on the floor and 100mils on the basin walls using an AST GMP-050 spray pump.

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