Manholes: FE 100 Sanitary System Grout + VF 30

MARKET: Sanitary Systems: Manhole / Sewer protection
SYSTEM: FE 100 Sanitary System Grout, VF 30 Epoxy Primer
PROJECT: Manhole / Sewer Protective Coatings
OWNER: Municipal Water Companies
CONTRACTOR: Crostex Construction, Texas USA

Sewer gases, often Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), are potentially more destructive than sewer sludge running through pipeline systems devoted to waste removal. In order to protect these types of municipal systems, FE 100 Sanitary System Grout was developed over 20 years ago, and has been in use ever since, effectively extending the lifecycle of these systems without need for repair or refurbishment.

First, VF 30 Epoxy Primer is applied to the entire interior surface of the manhole (promotes adhesion, reduces the formation of pinholes), followed by a 40-50 mil coating of FE 100, applied manually with either a masonry brush, trowel, or spray gun system. This can be accomplished either during initial fabrication at the manufacturer, or on site at any point during the lifetime of the unit.

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