Condominium Parking Area : Quick Mender & ACC

MARKET: Concrete Coatings : Parking Areas
SYSTEM: Quick Mender® and Aliphatic Clearcoat™
PROJECT: Parking Deck Rehabilitation : Entry Area
OWNER: Penninsula Condominiums, Daytona Beach Shores, Florida
CONTRACTOR: A Classic Touch Painting, Port Orange, Florida

The owners of Peninsula Condominium were seeking a new floor coating system for the interior pedestrian entrance area of their parking garage. The previously installed acrylic coating systems were not holding up well in appearance and performance. They turned Classic Touch Painting for a better option, and the VersaFlex Aliphatic Clear Coat system with broadcast colored chip was suggested. This installation would provide for fast turn around of the busy entrance area, with a high performance product.

Grinding was employed (SSPC-SP 13) to remove the existing coating system and provide for a CSP-2 finish (ICRI Guideline No. 310.2-1997) to the concrete floor area. A plastic curtain perimeter was constructed to minimize dusting from the surface preparation. The floor area was then vacuumed to remove all dust and debris.

Due to the concern for the high ambient temperature (90-95°F / 32-35°C, with 70% humidity) the Quick Mender Repair Polymer was cooled / refrigerated, then mixed in small batches to address the potentially faster reaction time. This was then easily installed using 3/ nap rollers at approximately 10 mils (254 um) wet film thickness (WFT) to fill any minor defects and prime the concrete surface. This gave an approximate 7 mils (180 um) dry film thickness (DFT).

After setting / drying of the Quick Mender, the VF Aliphatic Clear Coat (ACC) Tan was installed at a spreading rate of 150-200 ft²/gallon (3.75-5.5 m²/liter). Wearing spiked shoes for broadcast work, 1/4 – inch (6mm) color paint chips were then added to rejection while the ACC was still wet.

Following the rapid set of the ACC system, the “chipped” area was then scraped and vacuumed to remove excess and loose paint chips. Then, the VF ACC – Clear Coat was installed in two coats at the above spreading rate to seal the chips and provide for a nice appearance.

The Installation work was completed much easier than expected, when compared to other typical flooring systems. The completed area was returned to pedestrian traffic service in 2 hours, with exposure to vehicular traffic the next day.

The owner, Peninsula Condominiums is so pleased with the result that additional work will be done in a common stairwell entrance, and other areas.

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