Keystone Building Supply: SL/75 & FSS 45DC Polyurea

MARKET: Floor Coatings : Concrete Repair and Coating
SYSTEM: SL/75 Sealant, FSS 45DC Elastomeric Spray Polyurea
PROJECT: Horizontal Concrete Warehouse Floor Repair and Coating
OWNER: Keystone Building Supply, Inc.
CONTRACTOR: Systems Development Service Inc.

Keystone Building Supply, in Rochester New York, was looking for a rapid cure floor, extremely durable coating that could be applied over a period of one weekend in order to eliminate excessive shut down time and customer inconvenience.

While resurfacing this 5,000 S.F. warehouse floor with an epoxy system may have been more cosmetically appealing, the amount of down time was not.  Since Keystone was a VersaFlex distributor, the company felt that the installation of a fast set polyurea spray coating, by the manufacturer, at one of their facilities would be an excellent way to expose the new technology to a major segment of its customer base.

During the surface preparation procedure, many of the shallow concrete spalls, were not repaired.  However failed construction joint caulking was removed and filled with VersaFlex SL/75 polyurea sealant.  Once installed, the coating was to be representative of the type of system to be installed on any average industrial warehouse floor.

While additional concrete grinding, spall leveling and construction joint detail would have provided an excellent architectural coating with superior cosmetic appeal, it also would not have been indicative of a typical, fast turn around, polyurea installation, which was what Keystone needed for promotional reasons.

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