Masjid Ubudiah: VF 350 Pure Polyurea

MARKET: Waterproofing : Concrete Roof Deck
SYSTEM: VF 350 Aromatic Elastomeric Spray Polyurea
PROJECT: Concrete Deck Waterproofing Remediation
OWNER: Jabatan Warisan Negara
CONTRACTOR: Structural Repairs (M) Sdn Bhd

Built in 1917 during the reign of the 28th Sultan of Perak, Sultan Idris Murshidul’adzam Shah 1, the Masjid Ubudiah is located beside the Royal Mausoleum on Bukit Chandan, and ranks high on the list of Malaysia’s most beautiful mosques. However, there were multiple crack lines on the concrete roof deck which resulted in waterproofing issues.

The surface preparation included removing the screed to bare concrete. Crack lines were repaired and filled using VersaFlex SL/45. Following that, VersaFlex VF30 epoxy primer was applied. Subsequently, VersaFlex VF 350 pure polyurea was applied at an average thickness of 80 mils (2 mm). VF 350 is an aromatic pure polyurea spray elastomer designed specifically for concrete structure application. The system has a gel time of about 12 to 15 seconds and exhibits high elongation for crack bridging purposes.

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