Aalborg Zoo, Elephant Habitat : VF 380 Pure Polyurea

MARKET: Floor Coatings : Concrete w/ rubber mat underlay
SYSTEM: VF 380 Pure Polyurea
PROJECT: Renovation of Exhibit and Habitat areas, African Elephants
OWNER: Aalborg Zoo, Aalborg, Denmark
CONTRACTOR: Fast Set Plural Coatings, Hirtshals, Denmark

During 2007, the Aalborg Zoo in Denmark was in the process of renovating several of the exhibit and habitat areas to improve life for the animals. One area that housed the group of African Elephants was in serious need of improvements. Fast Set Coatings proposed the use of the new Hercules system for this area, as they had previously performed some polyurea coating work for the Sea Lion, Tapar, and Flamingo areas. The Hercules system had been used at the Vienna Zoo in Austria for the Rhino area with excellent results.

This system would provide for comfortable and durable display and feeding areas for the elephants, as well as allowing for easy cleaning of the seamless system when the elephants were placed outdoors — and quite simply, it feels better for the elephants.

Prior to the installation of the system, the concrete stall areas were cleaned / prepared as per SSPC-SP13. This involved the use of high-pressure water cleaning to remove existing paint and debris, providing for a CSP3 to CSP 4 profile.

After preparation, the walls were primed with an epoxy system incorporating sand to fill voids and bugholes. The sand also provided a textured surface for improved adhesion of the polyurea system. An epoxy system was then used to adhere the 1.5cm (0.6 inch) ground rubber mats to the floor for the soft feel. VF 380 was applied to the walls at a thickness of about 2.0 mm (80 mils), while approximately 4.0 mm (160 mils) of the VF 380 was applied to the installed rubber mats. This provided for the continuous elastomer membrane with excellent adhesion to the rubber mats.

24 hours after installation of the system, the elephants were placed in the cells for feeding with no damage to the system.

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