Commercial Roof System : VF 380 (over single-ply)

MARKET: Roof Systems : Over Single-ply existing
SYSTEM: VF 380 Pure Polyurea
PROJECT: Repair of failing coating, commercial roof
OWNER: Commercial Retailer
CONTRACTOR: Phat Foam Insulation, LLC. – Lander, Wyoming

The customer, a commercial retailer in Wyoming, had a single-ply roof membrane with numerous cracks and seam separation, causing water to enter building.

Phat Foam Insulation was hired to repair the roof by applying VersaFlex VF 380 Pure Polyrea.

After inspection of the roof, a plan was made to prep the surface. Areas of concern that had major cracks would be covered with butyl tape to help prevent as much water as possible from entering the building during the cleaning process. While this was being done, Phat Foam was also blowing and sweeping away any loose dirt, leaves, and other accumulated debris.

After completing the initial cleaning, a light hot powerwash with surface cleaner was applied to the roof while applying a bristle broom scrub to entire surface. This process helped to loosen and remove any oils, grease, etc that remained.

After the broom scrub, Phat Foam again power washed with hot water to further clean surface. Once the cleaning was completed, a cold rinse (using squeegees to help remove excess water) was performed. A leaf blower was also used to help dry the surface.

Once the surface was clean and dry, they applied a light coat of VF 20 (approximately 3-5 mils) and let dry to a tack free state.

Then Phat Foam applied the VF 380  to all seams, penetrations, and edges of the roof. The next step was to apply the coating over the remainder of the roof with a minimum 40 mils coverage.

About 30 minutes after completion a heavy rain storm came through and gave this roof the real test.

The next day, the customer was very happy; it had rained thoughout the night and there were no leaks inside his building.

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