City of Dubois Entryway : VF 380 + Crumb Rubber

MARKET: Floor Coatings : Public Entryway
SYSTEM: VF 380 Pure Polyurea + Crumb Rubber (non-skid)
PROJECT: Rehabilitation of Public Entryway, non-skid coating
OWNER: City of Dubois, Wyoming
CONTRACTOR: Phat Foam Insulation, LLC. – Lander, Wyoming

The town of Dubois had two entry ways that were leaking and very slick when it rained or snowed.

Phat Foam Insulation was called to repair the problem. After looking at the project, it was evident that it had been coated at one time and the coating was wearing and became extremely slick when wet. Phat Foam agreed to fix the problem and apply a waterproof non-skid surface, using VersaFlex VF 380.

The previous coating that was deteriorating was completely removed. To ensure a good surface for application of the VF380, Phat Foam used a walk-behind diamond grinder to help remove any leftover coating, as well as to create a better profile for the new coating and primer.

There were a lot of areas that required hand grinding and crack repair. After hand-grinding and cleaning the cracks, a low-pressure hot powerwash with cleaning agent and hand broom scrub was performed, then a low-pressure cold rinse, with a squeegee and leaf blower to help with drying of the surface. Once the surface was dry, some minor crack repair with joint filler was performed.

After the joints and cracks were completed and cured a ph test was performed to assure surface was ready for primer.

There were finished walls, rock work, windows, and other elements that needed to be masked off and covered with plastic and/or paper.

Phat Foam then applied VF 20 primer (3-5 mils – very light coat) to soak into the concrete and help prepare the surface for installing the VF 380.

Once primer was at a tack-free state, dry and cleaned, the VF 380 was applied to the entryway surface (60 mils). Phat Foam applied the VF 380 to the concrete surface with two passes. During the second pass crumb rubber was broadcast into the VF 380 to achieve the non-skid surface. Once finished with the application of VF 380 with crumb rubber, the coating was allowed to cure for a short time so they could walk on it and perform the final application, which was to top coat the VF 380 with WB 252 (tan) for color stability.

The customer stated they were very happy that Phat Foam was able to provide a long-term solution to their problem.

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