Edmonton Garrison: VF 380 + Geotextile Fabric

MARKET: Containment : Fuel Containment
SYSTEM: VF 380 Elastomeric Spray Polyurea
PROJECT: Fuel Containment over Geotextile (approx. 5,000 ft²)
OWNER: Edmonton Garrison, Canada
CONTRACTOR: Advance Coating Solutions, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Edmonton Garrison is one of the many military locations in the Edmonton area. This site is where a majority of the military aircraft are used for training and flight work. Being aware of environmental issues related to spills of fuel, the concrete fuel storage areas were in need of a liner system. VersaFlex’s VF380 over geotextile was chosen as the liner system for this fuel storage area due to elastomer performance, flexibility and installation ability in cold weather. A nominal 80 mils (2.0 mm) was applied to the geotextile and concrete walls, using a stipple texture for skid-resistance on the floor area.

This project was installed during 2004. In late 2005, an inspection was made of the installation. From the inspection notes:

“After over 1 year of service, the applied VersaFlex VF380 aromatic polyurea elastomer system (beige) is performing well. While there have been some small spills, there has been no effect on the VF380 system. There is primarily foot traffic here, but there are no cuts or breaches in the coating system. The applied liner system remains bonded well to the concrete perimeter wall, as well as the pads and building areas.”

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