Petro-Canada GOT: VF 380 + Geotextile Fabric

MARKET: Chemical Containment : Geotextile
SYSTEM: VF 380 Elastomeric Polyurea
PROJECT: Chemical containment over geotextile ( ~380,000 sq ft)
OWNER: Petro-Canada GOT
CONTRACTOR: Advance Coating Solutions

For Petro-Canada’s GOT Project, two new chemical storage tanks were being constructed with a clay liner system for secondary containment. Petro-Canada and Stantec Consulting proposed a clay liner upgrade to a synthetic geo-membrane / polyurea based on the VF 380 pure polyurea elastomer system, as opposed to a sheet good liner system based upon a thermoplastic material. Being aware of environmental issues related to leaks and spills of chemicals, a seamless system was required. The VF 380 over geotextile was chosen as the liner system for this application due to elastomer performance, flexibility, installation ability in cold weather, and the size of the area’s numerous penetrations. A nominal 60 mils (1.5 mm) was applied to the geotextile.

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