ColorFlex Alternate Ship

VersaFlex’s ColorFlex Alternates chart depicts additional 1000 series colors that are available for our SL Series and Quick Mender® families of 100% pure and performance modified polyurea systems. These colors have a slightly longer production time (estimated 2 – 3 business days), and are sometimes subject to an upcharge based on availability. *note: Please use VF color number when ordering.

While VersaFlex controls variances when producing colorants, batch-to-batch color variances may still exist during product manufacturing that may not meet your (your customer’s) expectation; therefore, VersaFlex recommends that the total estimated quantity of material needed to complete your project, plus additional material for any touch-up, be ordered in one purchase.

For a downloadable PDF version, click here.

Use the ColorFlex chart as a guide to begin your matching process. VersaFlex advises using actual cured samples to match specific applications/conditions — they are available for free upon request.