The process for granting permissions to use our marketing materials requires a specific request via website form below. Specifically defined and strict usage requirements exist.  These requirements are outlined in our Photo & Text Usage License and Agreement.

Once we review your initial request and qualify it for possible licensing, we will send you a copy of our Photo & Text Usage License and Agreement.

Once accepted with signed license agreement in effect, we will review how the materials are to be used.  Sometimes using the materials in the wrong context can bring confusion to potential customers so a review process can often help to avoid unforeseen negative results.

We are very concerned about making sure our literature and materials are not used in any sort of misleading or misrepresentative manner.  Thus, we always want to be sure proper credits have been noted and/or there is no chance of any other customer being injured by the publication.

We try to guard against displaying any third party names or other sensitive images. There are times when VersaFlex may have permission to use certain images but that permission might not flow on to anyone else, such as our customers, so we need to be sure we’re not violating some third party agreement.

Thanks again for your interest in our products and company.  If you are interested in using any of our copyrighted material or otherwise, please fill out the request form below.