The VersaRoof membrane waterproofing systems are the ideal solution for rehabilitation of metal roofs. The same high-performance technology used to protect critical infrastructure and buildings like the Pentagon RLF is the optimal selection for extending the life and usefulness of metal roofs, without the need for a complete replacement. The fast-setting, spray applied membrane doesn’t require the same cumbersome reinforcement as PUMA systems and is far more durable than silicone or acrylic paints.

Additionally, VersaRoof membranes are an ideal protective coating for SPF foam, offering added insulation, weatherablity, and durability to existing metal roofs.


VersaRoof™ Benefits

  • Low-odor membrane assembly with zero VOC assemblies available
  • Wide primer selection for applications over a variety of metal roof constructions, finishes, and ages
  • Forms a seamless, monolithic, and fully bonded waterproofing system
  • Easy pee-and-stick reinforcement at lap edges
  • Adds minimal weight to the existing structure (typically less than 5 lbs/y²)
  • Same day return to service