VersaFlex Products

VersaFlex Incorporated manufactures a wide range of protective coatings and linings for all kinds of substrates — from standards like concrete and metal to less typical elements like wood, geotextile fabrics, fiber reinforced plastics, and foams. In the protective coatings market there are few, if any, materials with physical properties equal to VersaFlex’s Pure Polyurea and Performance Modified Elastomer systems.

VersaFlex’s Pure Polyurea systems are inert, contain zero VOCs, and in general are some of the ‘greenest’ coating materials available. Many of our products provide builders looking for LEED qualifications and benefits a standard unmatched by older, more conventional coating materials. Additionally, we have many systems that are USDA Approved for Direct Food Contact, and our Potable Water Systems are second to none when considering container size, longevity, ease of installation and maintenance.

If you’re in the market for protective coatings and linings for any reason, be it industrial, commercial, vehicular, marine, or environmental, look no further than VersaFlex’s multitude of outstanding product lines. No matter what your application — infrastructure protection / waterproofing, primary and secondary containment, equipment protection, or any other — we’ve got you covered.