Aliphatic Clearcoat FAST

VersaFlex Aliphatic ClearCoat Fast is a high solids, color stable aliphatic polyurea coating. ACC-Fast may be applied directly to most substrates and may be used as a topcoat for existing epoxy, polyurethane, or polyurea. This coating is extremely color stable and displays excellent UV weathering characteristics. ACC-Fast can be applied in temperatures as low as 20°F. When fully cured, ACC-Fast will produce a highly abrasion resistant, high-gloss, smooth finish.

ACC-Fast adheres well to most substrates including concrete, steel, wood and plastic. The high tensile strength of the coating is able to withstand the abuse of industrial equipment, steel-wheeled carts, and forklifts. The excellent chemical resistance is well suited for many harsh applications.

  • Faster Gel Times that standard Aliphatic Clearcoat
  • UV & Color Stable Aliphatic Coating
  • Can be used as top coat for Aromatic coatings
  • Provides high chemical and abrasion resistance
Shore D HardnessTensile Strength, psiTensile Elongation, %Modulus of Elasticity, kpsiTear Strength, pliTaber Abrasion, mg wt lossApplication Temp, °FWorking TimeTack FreeRecoat Window
60 - 703500 - 50004 - 6.23 - .235475 - 67519.5* - 25.5*20°+15 - 20 minutes60 - 80 minutes80 - 180 minutes

Abrasion loss: Tested at (1000 g, 1000 revs) *CS-17 / ¹H-18 / †H-22