Flooring Solutions

VersaFlex specializes in manufacturing high performance flooring solutions designed to provide long lasting protection for a variety of markets and applications.

Flooring solutions include:

  • Control joint fillers
  • Expansion joint sealants
  • Repair products
  • Resinous systems

Concrete construction requires that expansion and control joints be designed and placed in slabs or floors to control the cracking that could occur in concrete and protect it from further deterioration.

VersaFlex products have been used globally in some of the largest commercial facilities meeting such performance requirements as:

  • Adhesion
  • Expansion and/or contraction
  • Impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance
  • High point load
  • Rapid return to service

To ensure our customers receive the highest quality products possible, VersaFlex manufactures under a Quality Management System that is certified to meet the standard of ISO 9001. Quality assurance continues in the field with experienced field support. All critical aspects of the project are reviewed, inspected and recorded ensuring each application meets the standards established by VersaFlex and expected by its clients.