Warranty Information

VersaFlex will offer warranties on qualified polyurea joint treatment installations and polyurea spray membrane projects. Warranties are issued on projects where prior notification has been provided to VersaFlex. There are certain items of information that we require for processing the applicable warranties.

SL Joint Warranty Requirements

SL warranties for our polyurea joint filler material is offered to many of our ‘big box’ owners. Warranty period is generally one year, material only. If longer duration warranties are required to fulfill specification requirements the following information is required:

1.  Name and address of the facility.
2.  Name and address of the owner.
3.  Name and address of the installing contractor.
4.  Product installed, amount of material used, price per gallon.
5.  Duration of the warranty.
6.  Commencement date of the warranty.

Note:  Warranty takes effect when the warranty form is completed and returned to VersaFlex fully executed and all invoices are paid.

Polyurea Spray Membrane Warranty Requirements

Spray polyurea membrane warranties are more complex. Special information is required for each prospective warranty installation. Foremost, prior notification must be provided to VersaFlex so that an intent to warrant may be given to the owner.

The information and forms required for a spray membrane warranty are as follows:

  1. Extended warranty requirements
  2. VersaFlex Warranty Request Form

Contact Bill@versaflex.com to register your warranty request.