Direct Food Contact

Cold Food Storage

Cold Food Storage can be a surprisingly harsh environment for protective coatings. However, with VersaFlex pure polyurea protective coatings, it is possible to not only extend the service life of your storage unit, but also easily be in compliance with the USDA’s regulations regarding Direct Food Contact. Our pure polyurea protective coatings have been USDA approved, and their quick installation and rapid return to service can save you a bundle when it comes time to renew your coating.

Storage Silos

To extend the service life of food storage silos with confidence, use VersaFlex’s protective coating systems as an internal lining for concrete and metal silos. We have received USDA approval for Direct Food Contact for our pure polyurea systems, and we have multiple clients who have used them in this type application with great success. With the increased requirements for food handling standards, using an environmentally friendly, extremely low maintenance protective coating allows facility owners to rehabilitate their silos quickly with assurance that they will meet all governmental standards for protective coatings vs food storage with ease.

Clean Rooms

Clean rooms in food factories, medical, and semi conductor environments often undergo an extensive series of regular wash-down and anti-microbial sanitation. These processes utilize harsh cleaning agents and power-washing equipment that can led to premature failure of traditional coatings and paints. VersaFlex has a full line of polyurea protective coatings and linings that can stand up to years of cleaning and anti-bacterial activities.