When you’re wanting a joint filler or sealant that offers easy installation, minimal maintenance, and simply won’t let go of the concrete without a fight, VersaFlex’s Self Leveling Joint Systems are the perfect choice. We’ve supplied joint systems to new and existing construction with superb results. Often our joint fillers can be installed during lunch time (60 minutes), allowing workers to drive forklifts that very same afternoon. When you want minimal down time and maximum adhesion, look no further than our SL series of pure polyurea.

Concrete Joint Fill and Sealant Systems

VersaFlex manufactures their own Specialized High Performance joint fillers, sealants and repair products in a state of the art facility that is quality certified, ISO 9001- 2015 for industrial, commercial and retail projects.

For more than 20 years our rapid set Polyurea Joint Fillers have outperformed traditional epoxies, silicones and polyurethanes for concrete joint protection. In fact, VersaFlex is known worldwide as “The Polyurea People®” because of our expertise and wide range of pure polyurea and specialty coating products.

VersaFlex Joint Fillers and Sealants are specified “by name,” by many of the big brand/big box retail stores, supermarkets and the most reputable industrial manufacturing/warehousing companies in the world.

Why Polyurea Joint Fillers/Sealants?

Many of these facilities are subject to heavy pedestrian and forklift traffic on a daily basis. This type of heavy duty abuse can lead to spalling, cracking and complete destruction of the concrete control joints. Furthermore, the very nature of concrete and its thermal temperature cycling in the environment causes expansion and contraction issues at these joints.

Traditional materials take too long to cure and are sensitive to moisture and temperature conditions. Expansion and contraction cycles can cause disbonding and cracking which will lead to the overall destruction and premature failure of the joint fill materials.

Owners and facility managers require superior material performance under the toughest conditions of use. VersaFlex polyurea joint fillers and sealants provide a greater range of performance characteristics and application flexibility – with rapid cure and fast return to service installation characteristics.

VersaFlex Polyurea Joint Fillers and Sealants are:

  • moisture insensitive
  • protection against hard wheel forklift traffic
  • manufactured under ISO 9001-2015 quality control standards
  • color fade resistant
  • 68 standard colors – custom colors available
  • ACI hard wheel traffic compliant
  • IACSC – IARW compliant for cold storage usage

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