VersaFlex GelFlex® is a 100% solids, color stable, aliphatic polyurea coating system. GelFlex may be applied directly to properly prepared substrates and may be used as a topcoat for existing epoxy, polyurethane, polyester or polyurea. GelFlex is extremely color stable and displays excellent UV weathering characteristics. GelFlex may be applied in temperatures as low as 20°F. When fully cured, GelFlex will produce a highly abrasion resistant, high-gloss, smooth finish coating. GelFlex may be used over most conventional substrates requiring some flexibility.

GelFlex is a superior choice to many other coating systems used in the Marine / Watersports industries — boat and fiberglass coating have never been so easy or long lasting as when using GelFlex. Contact us today to see how you can revolutionize your business through the use of our outstanding GelFlex coating.

  • UV & Color Stable Aliphatic Coating
  • Can be used as top coat for epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, or polyurea coatings
  • Can be used in place of traditional coating systems for the marine/watersports industries
% SolidsShore D HardnessTensile Strength, psiTensile Elongation, %Modulus of Elasticity, kpsiTear Strength, pliTaber Abrasion, mg wt lossApplication Temp, °FService Temp, °FGel TimeTack FreeRecoat Window
10060 - 702500 - 45003 - 5.5%0.13 - 0.2350 - 60080¹ - 140¹20°+-15° - 140°120 seconds8 minutes60 minutes

Abrasion loss: Tested at (1000 g, 1000 revs) *CS-17 / ¹H-18 / †H-22