The VersaRoof™ membrane waterproofing systems are fully bonded to the substrate and are designed to be a permanent waterproofing solution, even under extreme climate conditions such as high heat or freezing temperatures. Our extensive experience in the transportation infrastructure market helps to ensure the VersaRoof™ waterproofing membrane will last for years, regardless of the overburden. The VersaRoof™ membrane waterproofing systems are resistant to standing water and are fully compatible with paver systems, concrete overburden, fountains and planters, tile & mortar setting bed, and pavers in a sand or sand/asphalt bed.


VersaRoof™ Benefits

  • Low-odor membrane assembly with zero VOC assemblies available
  • Same day return to service or placement of overburden
  • Fully adhered, seamless membrane system
  • Resistant to puncture from overburden