ColorFlex Color Charts

When the polyurea industry began there were few colors, and matching to anything other than a random shade of gray was unlikely to deliver aesthetic results. Jump forward to today — VersaFlex is proud to announce the creation of our ColorFlex Color Matching System, allowing for precise control of colorants and finished product.

Use the ColorFlex chart as a guide to begin your matching process. VersaFlex advises using actual cured samples to match specific applications/conditions — they are available for free upon request.

VersaFlex Standard Color Charts

VersaFlex’s ColorFlex chart depicts relatively standard colors that are available in the majority of our pure and performance modified polyurea systems. Custom color matching is available upon request.

ColorFlex Color Chart

VersaFlex’s 5000 Series Colors are currently only available in our Aliphatic systems (listed on chart page), which have a higher degree of color stability in general. Custom color matching is available upon request.

5000 Series Color Chart