A green roof system can improve energy efficiency, increase the building’s usable space, and add to the complete aesthetic of the property by incorporating natural foliage. While there are several types of green roofs that may be modular or include a complete “green” overburden with drainage layers, all green roofs require a high-performance waterproofing. Since access to the waterproofing membrane is limited due to the over-burden, and work can limit tenant access, the waterproofing membrane is a critical component required to protect the underlying roof structure from water-induced damage.

The VersaRoof™ membrane waterproofing systems are seamless, monolithic, and resistant puncture from roots, overburden, and deterioration. Because the products are liquid-applied, they are easy to install in virtually any design or orientation including horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces. And since they will not degrade, hydrolyze, oxidize, or leach over time, they will maintain their performance for years.


VersaRoof™ Benefits

  • Low-odor membrane assembly with zero VOC assemblies available
  • Fully adhered, seamless membrane system
  • Resistant to penetration from roots
  • Chemically stable (will not degrade, oxidize, or leach over time)
  • Resistant to puncture from overburden such as growing media, pavers, etc.