Transportation Infrastructure

Bridge Preservation – Highway, Rail, & Tunnel Division

Specializing in the tunnel, rail and highway markets, our Bridge Preservation Division manufactures high performance membrane systems designed to permanently protect transportation related infrastructures. These rapid-setting, high-build elastomeric systems are impervious to deicing chemicals, water, ballast, stray current and other factors that contribute to accelerated deterioration and wear of elevated structures and tunnels.

Highway / DOT

Highway bridge decks suffer deterioration from the corrosive effects of both natural and man-made agents. Freeze/thaw cycles, repeated day after day, year after year, also deteriorate the structures. Bridge Preservation spray-applied elastomeric waterproofing membranes are specifically formulated to provide years of waterproofing protection for highway bridge decks.

Railway Bridge Waterproofing

Rail bridge decks suffer deterioration from the same elements as highway bridge decks, and also must face other trials. Granite ballast adds a particular challenge for rail bridge decks because of the punishing effects of its angularity. The tremendous pounding of high point loads adds to the challenge. Bridge Preservation spray-applied elastomeric waterproofing membranes, specifically formulated and highly durable, will provide years of waterproofing protection for rail bridge decks.

Tunnel Lining and Waterproofing

Bridge Preservation spray applied membrane systems are ideal for applications in below grade cut and cover tunnels, immersed tube or shotcrete lined tunnels. The unique polymer technology provided by Bridge Preservation products allow the materials to be sprayed in a wide variety of substrate configurations, surface profiles and orientations. Whether spraying horizontal, vertical or overhead applications, all are easily accomplished with Bridge Preservation products. Bridge Preservation products set in seconds, regardless of substrate and ambient conditions, allowing a uniform coating thickness around irregular surfaces and penetrations, ensuring a watertight seal regardless of the demanding site conditions.