Vehicle Protection

Spray On Truck Bed Liners

VersaFlex’s RoughGuard™ industrial strength pure polyurea is designed specifically for the vehicle protection market. Even though many people only think of pickup truck bed liners (where this product truly does excel), there are a wide variety of applications that are perfect for this system. From offroad vehicles, emergency vehicles, and fleet vehicles, to military, industrial, and marine equipment, VersaFlex’s RoughGuard™ outperforms and outlasts other hybrid systems.

Our extensive background with industrial grade applications can be seen and felt during installation and throughout the life of the vehicle. “It just sprays better,” is what we often hear from installers who’ve used other systems in the past, and the performance after installation speaks for itself. So when you’re considering what protective coating you want on your vehicle, make certain to find a RoughGuard™ installer — you won’t be disappointed.