VersaFlex’s 5000 Series Colors are currently only available in our Aliphatic systems, which have a higher degree of color stability in general. The following products highlight the 5000 color series. *note: Please use VF color number when ordering. Also, the 5000 Series Colors do not apply for Aliphatic ClearCoat, Aliphatic ClearCoat Fast, or ClearSeal.

While VersaFlex controls variances when producing colorants, batch-to-batch color variances may still exist during product manufacturing that may not meet your (your customer’s) expectation; therefore, VersaFlex recommends that the total estimated quantity of material needed to complete your project, plus additional material for any touch-up, be ordered in one purchase.

For a downloadable PDF version of the 5000 Series Colors, click here.

Use the ColorFlex 5000 Series chart as a guide to begin your matching process. VersaFlex advises using actual cured samples to match specific applications/conditions — they are available for free upon request.