Arostruct® is a performance modified elastomer rigid enough to remain intact under all conditions involving structural integrity. As such, we consider it to be a structural coating capable of providing added stability to the substrate to which it is applied.

Suitable applications include Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) containers, pipes and fluid transfer apparatus/equipment, and anywhere some additional strength is needed to help with the stability of materials. Arostruct produces an extremely tough structural film at all thicknesses, and can be used in interior or exterior transitional areas with confidence.

  • UV Stable Structural Coating
  • Can provide added rigidity to substrate
  • Provides high chemical and abrasion resistance
% SolidsShore D HardnessTensile Strength, psiTensile Elongation, %Modulus of Elasticity, kpsiTear Strength, pliFlexural Modulus, kpsiFlexural Strength, psiService Temp, °FGel TimeTack FreeFoot Traffic
100752500 - 32000.5 - 1.20.1 - 0.3120 - 240200 - 2509000 - 10000-40° - 392°25 - 30 seconds150 seconds (2.5 minutes)60 minutes

Abrasion loss: Tested at (1000 g, 1000 revs) *CS-17 / ¹H-18 / †H-22