VersaProof™ Primer F is a specially formulated, two-component urethane-based rapid repair material and primer.  In its low viscosity formulation, VersaProof™ Primer F may be used to repair or prime cementitious and porous masonry substrates.  Its unique low viscosity formulation allows for excellent substrate penetration for improved adhesion.

VersaProof™ Primer F may be applied at temperatures greater than -20°F by plural component sprayer, roller, squeegee, or broom.  VersaProof™ Primer F may be used with all VersaFlex rapid curing sealants and coatings for interior and exterior applications.


  • Can repair spalls, dusted concrete, and cracks
  • Ideal as a low horizontal resurfacing compound
  • Low-temperature repair and priming
  • Easily polishes for polished concrete floors
  • Ultra-low viscosity for excellent penetration and absorption into porous substrates, which seals the surface and reduces outgassing
  • Rapid cure and return to service
  • Can be mixed with quartz sand to form a durable polymer concrete
  • Can be thickened with fumed silica or Cabosil
  • Can be applied by plural component spray, or mixed and applied by hand

Physical Properties

Property Test Method Typical Value
VOC Theoretical 388 g/l
Solids Content Theoretical 61%
Pot Life3 Internal 2-3 minutes
Working Time3 – Neat Mix Internal 2-3 minutes
Working Time3 – Aggregate Internal 5-6 minutes
Tack Free3 Internal 15 minutes
Open to Traffic3 Internal 30 minutes
Adhesion to Concrete1 ASTM D7234 > 200 psi
Adhesion to Steel2 ASTM D4541 > 500 psi
  1. Concrete prepared in accordance with SSPC-SP13/NACE No. 6
  2. Steel prepared in accordance with SSPC-SP10/NACE No. 3.  3+ mil profile
  3. Tested at 77°F