VersaRoof™ membrane waterproofing systems are a more durable solution for providing a seamless, watertight roofing solution than traditional silicones and acrylics. VersaRoof™ systems are easily reinforced, without complex and tiresome hand detailing and “laying-in,” and their high elongation and low modulus make them ideal for rehabilitating existing metal roofs. Because of the increased thickness during the application, they do not need to be inspected and repaired as frequently.

Additionally, VersaRoof™ membranes are an ideal protective coating for SPF foam, offering added insulation, weatherability, and durability to existing metal roofs.


VersaRoof™ Benefits

  • Low-odor membrane assembly with zero VOC assemblies available
  • Same day return to service
  • Easily reinforced, fully bonded membrane
  • Fully adhered, seamless membrane system
  • Resistant to ponding water