VersaRoof™ membrane waterproofing systems are the ideal choice for the recovery of an existing roof where the removal and replacement of the existing roof assembly is not cost-effective or feasible. VersaRoof™ membrane systems are liquid-applied and can adhere to the surface of virtually any existing membrane system with proper surface preparation and priming.

Additionally, VersaRoof™ membranes are an ideal protective coating for SPF foam, offering added insulation, weatherability, and durability to existing roofing systems.


VersaRoof™ Benefits

  • Low-odor membrane assembly with zero VOC assemblies available
  • Can be easily installed over existing roof assembly membranes
  • Forms a seamless, monolithic, and fully bonded waterproofing system
  • Adds minimal weight to the existing structure (less than 5 lbs/y² typically)
  • Same day return to service