Fiberglass Replacement

OEM Parts

There are literally thousands of different products that are manufactured using fiber reinforced plastics (fiberglass) and polyester gelcoat materials. Many of these OEM parts are produced using traditional spray systems or labor intensive hand lay-up processes. VersaFlex’s AroStruct and GelFlex polyurea systems combine fast and efficient plural component spray processing, with fast set, UV color stable physical properties that rival all aspects of traditional fiberglass production.

Fiberglass Tanks

After extended usage, fiberglass tanks begin to deteriorate and require installation of some type of protective coating to guard against partial or complete failure. With VersaFlex’s GelFlex®, fiberglass tanks can be refreshed and renewed to extend the service life for many years. Because GelFlex is a spray application, there is no difficulty trying to match unusual configurations — simply spray in the coating and the result is a seamless, monolithic protective layer that will last for years with little to no maintenance.

Marine Environments

Equipment that sees constant exposure to marine environments can experience rapid deterioration without constant maintenance. However, by using VersaFlex’s GelFlex protective coating system, that maintenance requirement is greatly reduced. GelFlex can withstand harsh marine environments without chipping, chalking, peeling, or fading (UV and Color stable). When you’re looking to protect your marine equipment, look no further than GelFlex from VersaFlex.

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