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FSS 45DC-F Plus is a quicker curing version of our standard FSS 45DC. Formulated especially for those installations where speed of gel or cure time are most important, FSS 45DC-F Plus offers a solution for even the most extreme conditions and requirements.

At times during construction projects there can be time constraints that need nearly immediate cure of a coating system, to allow for re-coating or top coatings to be applied quickly. If this is the case, ask about FSS 45DC-F Plus to see if it can be the solution that meets those requirements.

  • Faster Gel Times
  • USDA Approved
  • Installation Temps from -40°F to +350°F
% SolidsShore D HardnessTensile Strength, psiTensile Elongation, %Modulus of Elasticity, kpsiTear Strength, pliTaber Abrasion, mg wt lossMoisture Vapor Transmission, permsApplication Temp, °FService Temp, °FGel TimeTack Free
100452300 - 2800250 - 3500.8 - 1.5300 - 450150¹ - 250¹.025-40° - 350°-40° - 300° (Dry)4 - 8 seconds10 - 15 seconds

Abrasion loss: Tested at (1000 g, 1000 revs) *CS-17 / ¹H-18 / †H-22