C&S Wholesale Grocers: SL/85 Interior Joint Filler

MARKET: Joint Systems : Control Joints
SYSTEM: SL/85 Interior Joint Filler
PROJECT: Construction Control Joints : Cold Storage Facillity
OWNER: C&S Wholesale Grocers, Westfield, Massachusettes
CONTRACTOR: S & S Concrete

Caulking 41,000 L.F. of new construction joints at 15 degrees below zero called for a product versatile enough to handle the extreme low temperature and still cure within an hour or so.  A few competitive products were tested, however the results were less than satisfactory.

Construction Marketing Representatives, Inc., out of No. Easton, Massachusetts heard of the dilemma and contacted the general contractor.  VersaFlex SL/85 was then tested on the job site with excellent results.  Because of the polyurea’s ability to cure in 1 hour at -15 degrees with no toxic vapors the product specifications were changed to VersaFlex polyurea and 400 gallons of SL/85 was then installed using a 1 to 1 ratio plural component pump as the main delivery system.  All joints were properly cleaned, and SL/85 was installed in the specified manner.  Excess material was removed after 1 hour to provide smooth joint transition for heavy fork lift traffic.

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