VersaFlex Headquarters : WB 250 Waterborne Urethane

MARKET: Decorative Coatings : Metal
SYSTEM: WB 250 Waterborne Urethane
PROJECT: Metal Entry Structure Recoating / Refinishing
OWNER: VersaFlex Incorporated
CONTRACTOR: Dayco Painting

Dayco Painting helped give this old metal surface a beautifully restored look. The metal was power washed, followed by the application of a two-component urethane system, VersaFlex’s WB 250 Waterborne Urethane. The picture above left was taken during installation of the new coating over the previous coating (faded red color).

The system was spray-applied using a Graco pump and a 310 FF tip. Approximately 5 mils of the coating was applied, in a specially formulated gray color.

The finished result is an excellent option where color and gloss retention are desired.

This is the front entrance to the ‘new’ Headquarters for VersaFlex, located at 686 S. Adams St. in Kansas City, Kansas.

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