VersaFlex VF Glow Primer is a two-component isocyanate and resin blend primer for use on a variety of substrates. VF Glow Primer is designed to be able to detect pinholes and other coating defects with the aid of an ultraviolet light source. Using ASTM E 2501 Standard Specification for Light Source Products for Inspection of Fluorescent Coatings, the Glow Primer absorbs light energy and becomes excited, and reflects back under UV light examination. VF Glow Primer may be diluted to reduce viscosity.

  • Detect pinholes with the use of an ultraviolet light source
  • Increases coating adhesion to concrete
Solids Content %Adhesion to Concrete, psiRecoat WindowGel TimeTack FreeWorking Time*
100300 - 600Up to 72 hours45 minutes2 hours45 minutes

* – Do not exceed 45 minutes — material may appear to be workable, but polymerization has exceeded suitable working time.