Duke Energy North America: UltraVers™ 350 Polyurea

MARKET: Tank Lining : Waterproofing
SYSTEM: UltraVers™ 350 Elastomeric Polyurea
PROJECT:Waterproofing : Concrete Clarifier Tanks (approx. 4,500 sq ft each)
OWNER: Duke Energy North America, Malvern, Arkansas
CONTRACTOR: TopCor Services, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Duke Energy North America has a series of small, dedicated power plants throughout North America. These are set-up identically in all plants. The Malvern, Arkansas plant was experiencing leaking in the concrete clarifiers, used to contain river water for steam / cooling operations. Duke / Fluor Daniel specified the use of the VersaFlex UltraVers 350 polyurea system for lining of these clarifiers.

TopCor Services was selected as the contractor for preparation of the concrete and installation of the UltraVers 350 polyurea system to the existing concrete clarifiers. Due to the use of the river water, there was concern for potential soluble salts on and into the concrete surface, that could lead to blistering and delamination of the applied UltraVers 350 lining system. Chlor*Rid soluble salt removal solution was used during the preparation work, and soluble salts were removed to the required acceptable level. AquaLok II (moisture seal) followed by application of the Quick Mender primer system, was completed in one day. The UltraVers 350 polyurea system was then installed the following day. The project had to be halted for one day during installation due to snow.

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